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Septic Pumping in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York

Prolong your septic system’s lifespan with routine septic tank cleaning from Hallstead Sanitary Service. Septic pumping and service is critical to maintaining the health of your septic system, so you need the best team on the job. With 62 years in business, we’re your best choice for septic system pumping in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York.

septic system pumping

When Do I need Septic Tank Cleaning?

Realizing that your septic tank needs cleaning is simple. You’ll know you’re ready for septic system pumping when:

  • Your toilet begins to back up for little reason.
  • You smell frequent, unpleasant scents.
  • Your tank begins to overflow.
  • Your alert system (if applicable) starts going off.

How Do I Maintain My Septic System?

Your Septic System should be pumped every 2 to 3 years.  Keeping your septic system healthy is the No. 1 way to avoid frequent septic tank problems. You’ll find that if you don’t dump bulky or sludgy items down your drain, like cooking fats or even Flushable Wipes, that your system will run more smoothly. Contact us today for more septic system pumping information.

  • Avoid flushing and draining certain things to keep your septic system healthy. Keeping thick liquids and unflushable products out of your drains reduces sludge and cesspool backups.
  • Rid your septic tank of contaminants with our septic tank pumping services. We use the best pumps to clear your tank of sludge, waste, and any other contaminants.
  • Rely on our septic pumping team for phone call reminders when your tank is due for service. We recommend septic service every two to three years and accurately record each service date.

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